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Customer Analytics

Customer analytics lets you continue serving your existing customers, prevent attrition, build stronger relationships and gain complete view of your customers’ behaviour, needs, and pain points to boost bottom line performance.

Success depends on how relevant you can be to your customers and employees at any given moment. With a seemingly unlimited amount of information available, We provide personalization, customization and seamless customer experience.

With the help of customer analytics and deeper insights, We are helping organizations to make flawless customer experience, anticipate the market changes and develop a very strong customer data foundation for your business.

Couple Window Shopping

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Art Store

Customer 360 degree

Get a holistic view of your customers behavioural and valuable insights using predictive analytics.


Recommendation Engine

 Increase upsell and cross sell opportunities using personalized product and service recommendations.


Churn Management

Minimize customer attrition by identifying at‐risk customers and taking corrective actions in time to retain them.

Map the customer journey

Understand customers life time value and predict their behaviours with Amytics.

Explanable AI

With Explainable AI, we can help you interpret predictions made by machine learning models to gaze most important attributes.

Customer Lifetime Value

Amytics data science capabilities can help in estimating customer's profitability and the business's potential for long-term growth.

ClickStream Behaviour

Analyze click through rates to profile customer behaviour and patterns for targeting your most valued customers. 

Simplify decision

Simplify organizational decision making with advanced data & analytics capabilities to manage change effectively.

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